Free Statewide Hotline


The LSNJLAWSM Hotline provides free legal advice, information, and referral over the telephone to low-income New Jersey residents in civil legal matters. Free legal resources on LSNJLAWSM helps people with civil legal problems.


Open for calls 8:00 to 5:30 pm
Monday through Friday.

What to expect when you call. You can call the hotline during the hours indicated. We will determine whether you are eligible for our services. If you have an emergency matter that requires immediate advice, our intake worker will arrange for you to talk to someone that day. Otherwise, we will schedule you for a later call back appointment with one of our advocates.

Please understand that high call volume may mean you will have to wait to talk to an intake worker. You can avoid the wait and contact us through our online intake questionnaire.

Be prepared to answer questions about:

  • Yourself and your finances. This information is necessary for us to make sure you are eligible for our services.
  • The type of legal problem you are having.
  • The names of parties.
  • Court name and location.
  • Dates you received court papers.
  • Type of court papers and docket number.
  • Dates you may be scheduled for court.

Have a paper and pencil ready to take notes. Be prepared to read the documents to the intake person if asked.

If you are calling about another person and the legal problem is not yours, we may not be able to help you. We will assist you if the person who is having the problem is unable to call us due to a disability or if you are the legal representative for that person (e.g., he or she is a minor or legally incompetent, or you have a power of attorney for that person). If the person with the legal problem is unable to call, please inform the intake paralegal when you call. In all other situations, please have the person with the legal problem contact us.

LSNJLAWSM Hotline staff do not go to court to represent you. Wherever free legal assistance is available, from Legal Services or some other source, we will do our best to refer you to such help.

ALL calls are strictly confidential. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of LSNJ unless you give us permission and there is a legal reason for doing so.