PRI News Releases

09/08/22: New Legal Services Study Spotlights What True Poverty Looks Like in an Uneven Playing Field

07/11/21: Legal Services of New Jersey Study Finds Nearly 3 Million Residents in True Poverty — Three Times What the Census Reported

09/25/19: Comments from Legal Services of New Jersey for Media Coverage of Latest Poverty and Other Statistics Being Released by the Census for Publication Thursday, September 26

09/14/17: Key observations about the latest census figures on poverty in New Jersey

09/14/16: For Release Sept. 15 with Media Stories on NJ Poverty Statistics

09/09/16: Legal Services of New Jersey: Census Poverty Reports coming Tuesday and Thursday expected to depict Modest Decline in New Jersey Poverty but continue to Underestimate True Extent of Deprivation

11/15/15: Legal Services’ Annual Study Affirms Continuing Record Levels of Poverty Still the Norm in NJ; Offers Plan for Remidial Changes

09/15/15: Four Key Points about the Upcoming Census Release

12/18/14: Legal Services Study Finds Economic Recovery Not Stemming NJ Income Inequality

09/11/14: Official Census Poverty Rate In NJ Projected To Drop But Recession's End Offers Meagre Help For The Impoverished

08/31/14: New Legal Services Study Defines Poverty Based On What It Really Costs To Live In New Jersey

09/05/13: Poverty in New Jersey Mushrooms to Five-Decade Record

05/05/13: New Legal Services Study: Here's what it Really Costs to Live in New Jersey

09/20/12: LSNJ Analysis of New Jersey Impacts from Today’s American Community Survey

09/12/12: LSNJ Analysis Of New Jersey Impacts From Today’s Census Bureau Data Release

07/29/12: New Legal Services Study Shows New Jersey Rich Get Richer, Poor Poorer

09/23/11: Census Release Reveals Plight of Children in Poverty and Workers

09/22/11: Legal Services of New Jersey Reacts to Census Figures on Poverty

09/13/11: New Jersey Poverty Rate Hits Double Digits

03/22/11: New Jersey’s Escalating Phenomenon: Poverty

11/29/10: New Report on Welfare and Work by Legal Services of New Jersey Poverty Research Institute to Be Released at Conference in Edison

11/10/10: New Report on Living in Poverty in New Jersey to Be Released at Conference in Trenton

09/28/10: New Census Data Show Recession’s Impact on Poverty in 2009: Latest Poverty Data by Demographics and Geographies

09/28/10: 2009 Charts: New Census Data Show Recession’s Impact on Poverty in 2009: Latest Poverty Data by Demographics and Geographies

09/16/10: NJ Child Poverty Jumped while Overall Poverty Remained High in 2008-2009 Highlighting the Need for Increased Commitment to Anti-Poverty Programs

02/09/10: Report Presents Comprehensive Analysis of New Jersey Poverty, Calls for Coordinated State Approach & Goal-Setting