In the midst of the uncertainty and upheaval of the past year, Legal Services has remained steadfast and resolute in its commitment to its core mission—securing equal justice for those living in poverty.

Over the past five decades and across all 21 New Jersey counties, Legal Services of New Jersey (LSNJ) and the regional Legal Services programs have handled 2.6 million cases, helping over 9 million people, and assisting many more through our publications, website, and video resources. In addition to individual casework, we continue to strive toward the shared goal of addressing the systematic and pervasive inequities confronting the most disadvantaged members of our communities.

When confronted with the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, our statewide staff demonstrated resiliency and ingenuity, finding new ways to reach people in need through the use of technology and social media. Now, as COVID-19 continues to compound and exacerbate the problems faced by low-income individuals and families in New Jersey, our work is more important than ever. Legal Services staff will continue to tackle injustice in all its forms and serve our clients with zealous dedication and compassion. We need your help.

  • For nearly all civil legal problems, there is no right to a lawyer.
  • The 34% of New Jerseyans who live in true poverty are deprived of at least one of seven essential areas of basic human need.
  • This year, one-third of those in true poverty will have at least one civil legal problem for which they need a lawyer.
  • For 94% of those problems, they will have no lawyer.

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Key Elements of the Statewide System

  • Offices and a presence in every county: 22 offices statewide
  • 2.6 million cases and 9 million clients over 55 years
  • Helped reform and shape every major area of law affecting people in poverty
  • Millions more assisted each year through legal information via self-help websites and presentations.



Choose Justice!
The justice gap continues for New Jersey residents living in poverty. Your gift helps close that gap to ensure that no one is denied their right to justice in a civil legal case because they cannot afford an attorney.

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