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    Family Unification Day 2024

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    Poverty to Justice - Spring 2024

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    Justice Series

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    Our Clients Speak

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The LSNJLAWSM Hotline provides advice, information, and referrals to low-income people in civil legal matters. Apply online or call our Toll-Free Statewide Legal Hotline at 1-888-LSNJ-LAW.

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to low-income people in New Jersey

LSNJ coordinates the statewide Legal Services system, which provides free legal assistance to low-income New Jerseyans for their civil legal problems. Through its work, LSNJ strives to secure substantive and procedural justice for those living in poverty.


Client Stories


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05/18/22: Municipal Court Bench Warrants – New Statewide Policy for Immediate Release of Certain Individuals » Read More

05/11/22: Limits for Special Civil dockets increased to $20,000 and for the Small Claims dockets to $5,000 (from NJ Courts) » Read More


06/25/24: Free Virtual Pro Bono Training—Transgender Name Changes » Read More

06/14/24: Legal Services of New Jersey Newsletter Focuses On The Rights of Workers and Tenants in the State » Read More

05/17/24: Legal Services of New Jersey Newsletter Focuses on the Rights of a Parent Facing Bench Warrants... » Read More


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    True Poverty 2021

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    Civil Legal Protections in New Jersey for Survivors of Sexual Violence

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    Income Inequality in New Jersey: The Growing Divide and its Consequences

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    What is Poverty? Measuring Deprivation in New Jersey

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    Divorce in New Jersey: A Self-Help Guide

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    Termination of Parental Rights: A Handbook for Parents

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    Domestic Violence: A Guide to the Legal Rights of Domestic Violence Victims in New Jersey

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    Child Abuse and Neglect: A guide for parents involved in child abuse or neglect cases in New Jersey

WARNING! We have learned that the name Legal Aid or Legal Services has been used by scammers trying to convince people to wire money. The caller states that your child or grandchild is in jail and they need you to send money. This scam has been making the rounds for years and you should not fall for it. If you ever want to confirm whether someone from Legal Services has called you, call us directly to ask if someone tried to reach you. Here is a list of Legal Services offices and phone numbers.

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